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Benefits of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy aims at rehabilitation of muscles and joints after an injury, dysfunction, age complications or disease.

1. Pain relief ‐ this is one of the main positive outcomes from physiotherapy. Whether it is short-lived or longstanding pain, physiotherapists are able to use their expertise to understand the source of your pain and how to give you relief. This is done through use of various interventions like ice application, heat, manual therapy and stretches. Also, they will advise you on lifestyle changes to avoid provoking the pain again. 2. Prevent surgery‐in instances where there is musculoskeletal injury as a result of trauma, disease or age-related degeneration, physiotherapy is often considered as a good conservative treatment approach. There is use of noninvasive interventions to promote healing and restoration of function.
3. Management of stroke and other neurological conditions‐studies prove that when objective physiotherapy is done consistently over a period of time, it produces significant results for patients with neurological conditions. It contributes greatly to improving one’s mobility, functionality and independence. 4. Management of arthritis‐ as a result of old age, bones start to degenerate and cause swelling which is painful with movements. However, consistent physiotherapy helps relieve the pain and improve functionality.
5. Restore overall function and mobility‐ Any condition that limits the normal movement of the body becomes a hindrance to living a pain free life. Physiotherapy utilizes approaches that improve or maintain muscle, tendon, joint and bones at optimum level. This is done through manual techniques that improve joint range of motion, lengthen shortened muscles and promote bone healing. 6. Improved sports performance‐for athletes, physical therapy helps enhance athletic performance and prevents sports related injuries. From an understanding of exercise therapy, your physiotherapist will help you improve your cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, agility and flexibility. They will advise you on correct exercise form, proper warmup and cool down strategies to prevent injuries.
7. Improve your mental health‐ pain can really take a toll on one’s mental and emotional wellness. Especially if you have sought help from different healthcare providers with barely any relief. From accurately diagnosing your condition, physiotherapy will eventually ease your pain hence giving you significant psychological relief.

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